Many women choose to parent when they discover they are pregnant unexpectedly. If parenting is the option our client decides to pursue, we have resources to help them every step of the way.


Parenting is a lifelong commitment to a child from pregnancy through birth and for the rest of the child’s life. To parent means to provide for and support a child physically, socially, and emotionally. It involves loving and caring for a child through the good times and the bad.

We rejoice with each woman and couple who chooses life. We offer a variety of classes from post-natal through toddler. These classes help with what they’ll need to know about raising a child while balancing other life responsibilities. Classes are confidential and private (1:1). Clients meet weekly with a trained volunteer client advocate. Client advocates facilitate our parenting programs with the aid of short videos and discussion questions. Each time a client takes a class, they earn “Baby Bucks” that can be used to purchase items in our Baby Store.

The client advocates moves the conversation from the practical to the spiritual and from the spiritual to the Gospel. We believe every appointment is a divine appointment and feel privileged and honored to serve our Lord in this way. We give Him the glory for every victory over abortion and every heart reborn into communion with Christ.